Kwalata Safaris – Guest Book

Hello, Jaco!

Hope all is well with you and your family. I can’t help but think of everyone at Kwalata right now. This time last year Meredith and I were in South Africa having the time of our lives. The days were dwindling and we were trying to stop time from passing so we could enjoy just a little bit more. A bit more hunting. A bit more sightseeing. And of course, a bit more of the terrific people who made it all possible. People who anyone would like to have as friends and neighbours. 

I got a great surprise while visiting you and Chris in Harrisburg this year. What a thrill I got when I saw that Meredith and I were featured in your brochure! We were posed with my Sable bull. I had dreamed of hunting Sable since I was a boy and I never thought I would have the chance. A dream come true! Well, I began pulling people out of the aisle and showing them the pictures while I waved my arms and told them they needed to hunt with Kwalata. Well, that thrill was nothing compared to the one I got when I watched the video that was attached to your last email. I was watching this very well made movie. The hunting was exciting and the music was really getting me pumped up. When I saw myself on the screen, I leaped off the couch and let out a yell. The poor dog did a back flip and Meredith came running to see what the matter was. I rolled back the video and showed her the short clip of me and my Impala. She was also very excited. As it turned out I popped up again with my bushbuck. Then there was a shot of my Impala by itself. I can’t tell you how happy this has made me. I’m sure all the other hunters feel the same way. I’m sure you have gotten more than a few comments.

Once again you guys did an excellent job. Lekker! 100 percent! My compliments to whoever put the video together.                      

I will let go of your ear for now, Jaco. I will come back to Kwalata, and when I do, we must hunt together.

Best of luck in the bush.

Bill B

Our stay  here was absolutely wonderful!

Food – delicious!

Landscape – breath-taking!

Wildlife – magical!

Staff – like family!

You made us feel like part of your family when we are so far from home.

Willy – wow! Tracking king!

This property made us work – but it was worth every second! We have memories that we will not forget. Till next time!

Kas & Rich


Thanks for such a wonderful time! You all have been so kind and helpful. We couldn’t have asked for a better time or animals. We hope to be back real soon to make many more memories! It is so sad to leave.

Shannon M. TX

Absolutely  the best rip our family has ever had!!

The fun, the laughs, the Fireball, the craziness was more than we could have ever asked for. The hunting was amazing, but the friendships and memories we made were are what great trips are made of. Our PH “Poni’s Helper” aka Reinhard took Cape Buffalo hunting to a new level.

Kwalata made us feel like family from the moment we drove through the gate. As we pack our bags, we are already thinking about our next adventure here!

Thank you all for the amazing memories!

Joe & Amy D.


Thank you  to the entire staff here at Kwalata. The food was fantastic and the ladies were wonderful. Valamanzi is wonderful lodge and one of the most enjoyable places our family has stayed. We want to thank Jaco and Franco for an amazing hunt and especially Joe for showing us how to truly hunt. Our family will never forget this trip and it won’t be our last stay with you! Here’s to seeing you again soon and sharing a Castle!

Ed M