Kwalata Safaris provides World class hunting!

Reinhard and Jaco started hunting together over a decade ago and joined forces to create Kwalata Safaris hunting company. With 30 years of combined experience, your hunt with  Kwalata Safaris and all its staff are sure to provide a consummate hunting and safari experience to the discerning hunter. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with personalised, quality hunting and touring experiences of the highest standard, whether this is on our home soil at Kwalata Wilderness, in Limpopo, South Africa, or at one of our carefully selected, pre-approved hunting concessions in South Africa and its neighbouring countries.

We have searched Africa for outstanding quality destinations and secured the best for our clients. We offer a selection of destinations to suit each client’s requirements and to provide our return clients new experiences across this beautiful and diverse land. These include free roaming hunts in Southern Africa as well as hunting and fishing in Mozambique. When on the hunt with Kwalata Safaris our clients will enjoy ethical hunting which is conducted in the spirit of fair chase and species are hunted in a sustainable fashion by means of tracking mature, excellent trophy quality animals. Our highly skilled trackers and experienced dedicated professional hunters will make your safari a truly memorable experience.

 “We are passionate about what we do and guarantee every hunter will leave with the experience of a lifetime”.