Kwalata Safaris provides World class hunting!

After several years as a Professional hunter for Kwalata Wilderness and later on in partnership with the previous owner of wilderness in Kwalata Safaris, Jaco and Lindie decided to purchase all equity and carry on with the company they had built over more than a decade. From humble beginnings, hard work has brought us to where we are today. We understand that we are in a service industry and that Honesty, Integrity and Quality are the cornerstones on which this safari company is built.

Our focus is to deliver a quality safari experience while adhering to the principals of sustainable use. Sustainable Trophy hunting plays an integral role in the conservation of wildlife, not only in Africa but worldwide. We believe that it is up to us as ethical hunter conservationists to ensure the survival of various species and to avoid and confront the exploitation of our natural resources, whether it be by unethical hunting practices or illegal trade. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with personalized, ethical safari experiences, whether this be at our home base in Limpopo, South Africa or our Safari Camp in the Niassa National Reserve in Mozambique.

With 21 years of big-game experience, a safari with Kwalata and its professional hunters are sure to be a memorable experience.

We have searched Africa for outstanding quality destinations and secured the best for our clients. We offer a selection of destinations to suit each client’s requirements and to provide our return clients new experiences across this beautiful and diverse land. These include free-roaming hunts in Southern Africa as well as hunting and fishing in Mozambique. When on the hunt with Kwalata Safaris our clients will enjoy ethical hunting which is conducted in the spirit of fair chase and species are hunted in a sustainable fashion by means of tracking mature, excellent trophy quality animals. Our highly skilled trackers and experienced dedicated professional hunters will make your safari a truly memorable experience.

 “We are passionate about what we do and guarantee every hunter will leave with the experience of a lifetime”.