Kwalata Safaris – Profiles

Reinhard Heuser

Reinhard Heuser

South African born, Reinhard Heuser has hunted since he was about 8 years old on the family farm, internationally known as Kwalata Wilderness. His well know family worked in conservation and started the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve and being the first farm to receive relocated elephant in South Africa from Kruger National Park. Weekend trips and almost every holiday was spent in the bush at Kwalata. Aged 10 he was allowed the freedom of driving a Land Rover armed with a .22 under the “supervision” of a tracker. A boy’s paradise. This passion for the wild and hunting has formed his life’s path.

After completing his studies in Johannesburg and the untimely passing of his father, Reinhard moved to Kwalata permanently to take over the running of the farm and to rekindle the hunting operations there. His warm personality and flair attracted many nationalities and most clients became loyal friends.

Reinhard’s passion for elephant hunting is well known throughout the industry; this always makes for exciting and interesting camp fire discussions along with his bush tales and experiences.

Wherever life’s path may lead Reinhard will undoubtedly be somewhere entertaining and hunting in Africa.

Ryno Botma

Ryno Botma

Raised in South Africa’s Lowveld in the Mpumalanga province, I spent most of my time on my grandfathers farm and while in school there was a constant overwhelming call from the outdoors.

I started hunting a very young age, armed with an air rifle, I was given the duty to guard my  Grandfathers vegetable garden and virtually rid it from small Varmint! As I got older the urge to hunt larger game species became stronger by the day, this led to my first impala at age 6. Meat hunting was part of my life to be replaced by trophy hunting during my early teens.

After completing my Schooling I immediately, pursued my hunting dreams, with completing my Professional hunters course in 2009 to pursue my life long dream of becoming a professional hunter. I started as a Junior Professional hunter with Kwalata safaris and worked my way up through the ranks, gaining constant experiences on not only plains game but dangerous game also.

As a fully operational Dangerous game and plains game guide, I like many other professional hunters have developed a “close” bond with Cape Buffalo hunting, being an avid bow hunter I find it extremely challenging to hunt all game but especially “black death” with bow and arrow, patience, planning and persistence plays an integral part in successful hunts.

“Be still, listen and take it all in, no matter how elementary it may seem, for one day you will look back and appreciate your time well spent on the smaller things”

Jaco Strauss

Jaco Strauss

Born and bred in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province, I grew up close to nature, joining my parents and they’re corporate clients on hunting safaris from a young age. It was only natural for my life to take its course and to follow my feet into the wildlife industry.

After completing high school, I was off to university to pursue a BSc degree in Zoology and Botany, in 1997. Completing my Professional hunting course in 2001 was always on the cards and I was immediately absorbed into the hunting industry. Here I could not only fulfil my hunting dreams, but also spend my days in proximity and completely absorbed in nature and all its bounty.

During my apprenticeship, I gained valuable experience with regards to dangerous game hunting not only within but also outside of South Africa. I was fortunate enough to hunt and learn from the best in the industry at the time, in countries such as Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique as well as South Africa.

It is a well-known fact that I have a strong affinity towards Leopard amongst other species which has only grown stronger and stronger over my 17-year career.

My passion for nature and firm believes in consumptive based management plans as conservation tools, is the basis of all I do. My hardworking never say die attitude contributes immensely to my hunting companions’ satisfaction and success.

Johan Human

Johan Human

Growing up on the beautiful South Coast of South Africa in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province, I spent as much time as possible hunting. Joining my father on hunting trips to the Waterberg Mountain Range (Limpopo province) as well as South Africa’s Low veld ever since the mid 80’s. It is here that my hunting skills where honed, this led to a casual past time turning into a passion which eventually evolved into an obsession and ultimately my career. 

As a fully qualified/operational professional hunter, I gained valuable dangerous game experience in Mozambique, being a full time guide and apprentice in country for three consecutive years. 

During my 15 year career I have been fortunate in being able to hunt most provinces in South Africa as well as Mozambique. My passion undoubtedly lies with big game hunting, but I have developed quite an affinity for wing shooting. Being an avid shot gun shot I enjoy every minute of it, whether with clients or on my own.

Hunters that join me on safari will have the advantage of my wealth of experience, as well my very particular requirements with regards to Trophy quality. Hunting age appropriate trophy game species is a priority for me along with my outgoing nature and good sense of humour  all hunters are guaranteed a consummate memorable hunting safari experience.